Are Logos That Important?

Logos. We see them all day, every day. In fact, we see them so often that despite seeing them constantly, we forget what they look like.

Think about your shampoo: what does the logo look like. Or how about something simple like your favorite fast food place. AdWeek brought this up recently by asking people to draw some familiar logos like Domino’s Pizza and Apple. Here were the results:

So, that begs the question, are logos really that important? Of course we notice them, because we’re visual people, but maybe it’s the overall “vibe” of the logo that’s more meaningful. Some ideas to back that up:

Logos are being altered to be more eco friendly by not filling in their logo, like this concept from McDonalds (per AdWeek).


Or companies trademarking colors, like Tiffany & Co. Do you know what their logo looks like? Probably not, but everyone knows what’s in that robin’s egg blue bag or box.

Or what about when brands change the logo for their app, causing a small stir like Uber previously did in 2016, which prompted headlines like Why Uber’s New Logo Is a Mistake.

But I want to go one level further into how logos are changing. Logos aren’t just something we see now, they’re something we hear. Logos appear in this add for T-Mobile offering free Netflix, but it’s the sounds that matter too. Now, companies have sounds associated with them as well.

So, what’s the big idea here? Well, nothing specifically, but moreso to pose the question: are we thinking too narrowly about logos that people can’t even necessarily remember and not spending time thinking about the bigger picture? Should logos be multisensory?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

BONUS: Take this Buzzfeed quiz to see how well you know your beer labels.

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