When to Start Marketing For the Holidays

Jewelry hanging on mirror
Photo by Tom Quandt on Unsplash

If you’re like most people, then there’s something that feels a little wrong about planning for the holiday season before we’ve even finished hot gluing our Halloween costumes together.

But if you’re a smart marketer, you’ll get your holiday schedule together now. In fact, we’re already in Q4 which means you have a lot of work to get done in a short amount of time.

Here are 5 things to consider when you market for the holidays:

  1. Be realistic about your time. While many of us do work through the holidays, that’s obviously not the goal. And a little bit of planning can go a long way in giving you back more time with your family. and friends Accept that you don’t want to work through the biggest shopping days of the year and make plans so that you don’t have to.
  2.  Choose which days will be biggest for you. If you sell traditional products, then Black Friday should be a really big day for you, as well as the day after Christmas, and just before the new year. These are times when people are mentally conditioned to look for deals and are more comfortable spending money. If you’re a life coach or offer something related to self-improvement, then look to advertise more in the week leading up to the new year when people make resolutions.
  3. Decide how you’ll market yourself. If you’re going to do a big social media campaign, plan your photoshoot for that now. Give yourself lots of time and options to work with. If you want to drive organic traffic to your site or your Amazon items, start publishing and honing your content.
  4. Start advertising now. If it’s in your budget, start running some ads right now to test which ones do the best. That way when you’re target date arrives, you’ll be confident in the strategy you’ve chosen.
  5. Don’t forget about Q1 2020. It’s easy to get lost in the busyness of the season and forget that ideally, you should have a marketing plan and strategy planned out a quarter ahead. Even if you can’t plan all of Q1, or if you’re relying on results from your holiday campaigns to inform you new campaigns, make sure you have that articulated somewhere.

What’s your biggest marketing tip for the holidays?

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